Workshops & Courses


These Workshop events & Courses are really going to light you up! 

My offerings are thoughtfully created to support individuals in receiving a deeper understanding of self, lifelong learning, advancement of consciousness, and as always, self care. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on all workshop offerings and details for truly unforgettable and life-changing experiences.

These workshops are conducted both in person and online- depending on the audience.



Relationships, Time, Plant Based Food, & Emotional Clearing of Space

The Courses… Want to know more? Sure you do! :)

These courses are for those that want to do the self paced work over time.

Get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and learn how to make them work for you when it comes to Relationships, Time Management, Food, or Clutter. I’ve got a course that will fit your need. We'll take care of all of it!


Group Regression Hypnosis

You really want to experience QHHT but need to dip your toe in first before the deep dive? I've got you covered. This is a workshop that you're going to want to attend.
We will visit a past life, meet your guide, and look into a future version of you and maybe more.

Journey with a group and feel the energy of others that are having a like experience.



Best Practices Workshop

This workshop has been created for individuals that really want to implement change, have a deeper understanding of self, and to add some healthy habits into their lives to help them show up and be their best possible self.

These practices include Food Choices, Meditation, Journalling, and so much more. This workshop will have you learning some of my best practices that are done daily to ensure that you present as the best version of you.

Learn the tools. Create the version of you that you want to be. Be amazing.



Awaken Now To Your Intuition Workshop

This workshop is for those that really want to get in touch with their intuition.

You may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused, not sure of your direction, experiencing the scarcity mentality, feeling super disconnected, any or all of these. No problem. We'll take care of all of that!
You'll learn about the chakras, how to look within, get in the flow, and operate from a place of confidence.



What people are saying about the workshops…



Happy Audiences

The group workshop was fun, fascinating and a great way to “get my feet wet” in this modality.  Liz is a very knowledgeable instructor who is easy to talk to.  Her presence, kindness, open-mind and heart, immediately put everyone at ease and her guided meditations were very easy to follow. 

I was really surprised by the fact that I easily was able to access a past life and connect to one of my spirit guides during the guided meditations.   While the meditations were brief, I was still able to come away with insights from both exercises. 

I can see how this modality, when done one-on-one, could have a profound healing impact on someone working through any issue.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for alternative ways to heal.