Life Coaching and Subtle Energy Systems- How They Play Together.

Looking to the Chakras for Guidance on Thoughts and Thinking on Purpose


When we are born, what was available to us was to create our story.  The possibility was there for us to create our world from that point.  We may not have known it at that time, but creating our world is done through our site and observation, listening and mimicking that we then establish who we will be moving forward.  We create by watching others.  We learn who we are by observing those around us.


Early on in our lives, that is the time we are basically open for programming.  Because when we are young- our neural pathways, our connections, our beliefs, and habits develop at a rapid rate. They have to. We are learning to survive in this world.  We are learning to be human.


It is at this time, when growth is happening, that we start programming our brain to believe certain things. We begin to think and start our thought creation.  We are in a place in our development that we begin to ask and answer based on what we witness and establish our thoughts from there.


So whatever you learn in these times of development becomes a pathway in your brain and helps to emphasize or establish one of our brain’s most fascinating powers, our efficient automatic thinking mechanism, because remember, the brain wants to be as efficient as possible at all times. It does not want to be clogged up with thinking and rethinking how to do things it does on a regular basis. The same goes for our thoughts in general. 

Our brain is a great recycler. 

Once we develop an idea of or for something, until that thought is built upon or challenged, it basically stays the same. this is why so many people can become emotionally stunted at different stages in their lives.  Their thoughts, beliefs, ideas, have existed within an echo chamber and nothing has been allowed to build upon or challenge this core idea or belief. But more on this another time.  At this point, I'm speaking of the basics in life. How we establish patterns in behaviors and thoughts. 

This would show up in how to walk, run, drive, fill a glass, hold a fork, and so on for actions. 

The same goes for thoughts, I don’t like that, that’s the long way to school, she is mean, he’s rude, that is scary, I don’t feel safe on this street, my needs were not met, I’m not creative, I can not dance, I have a hard time loving, and so on.


During these times of pattern establishment, when our ideas about life and how to navigate in this world are being developed it just so happens to coincide with the activation of our subtle energy systems, namely the chakras.

While the chakras are fully developed at birth, they have different activation times.  It is during these times that you are not only creating your thoughts and habits for your brain, but you are creating an imprint on your chakra system as well.


When our chakras are activating, we are observing the world around us and establishing our belief systems and thought patterns simultaneously.

These beliefs (remember beliefs are thoughts we keep on thinking) get stored in the chakras and can remain there as long as they are allowed/left unchecked/unchanged. They can flow or they can clog our energy, depending on how beneficial they are to your well being.


As we grow into adults, our brain likes to continue doing what it has been doing, aka not putting any effort into learning any new if it can help it.  So whatever you learned during your specific chakra activation cycle, could present itself as a belief as an adult and you may still believe it today if it goes unaddressed. 

This is because you did not know any different. 

You did not know that perhaps this belief was established and imprinted long, long ago.  You just thought it was a fact.

Pretty crazy when you think about it, but I find it super fascinating- especially when you learn what chakras develop when and what each chakra is responsible for representing.

Love it!

So, over the next couple of months, we will look into the chakras, all 12 of them- yes 12, the attributes for each, their activation timeline, and exercises and meditation you can do to learn or unlearn specific beliefs, depending on your thoughts around this information.


So why am I writing about this stuff?

Look, I’m going to break it down like this:

  • I’m a life coach looking to bring clarity to those that seek such freedom
  • I’m an energy worker- in service to channel energy for those that need it
  • I’m a searcher for connections and a seeker of knowledge
  • I'm about the love and connection to the greater good in all of us

These are my truths that I share.  This is my message.

What I will share with you, you may or may not believe is associated with your chakras or your life and that is totally up to you.  But whatever attribute or belief system is activated with each chakra will still somehow mimic your life, no matter what it is. I do believe you will find value in what you will learn as you will have words put to things you cannot explain.

You will find value in the exercises and meditations as they will help you balance your body and soul and all of this will be working towards one goal- creating your life and your thoughts on purpose

These actions will have you leaping strong into emotional adulthood and learning to take responsibility for who you are and what you think.

The chakras outline can guide you or be your roadmap to understanding who you are, your thoughts you’ve had up until this point and the exercises and meditations can give you a way to release the negative energy and take in the new healing way. 

Or, you can just look at it like thought work and creating your thoughts on purpose and that is totally great as well.  No matter what, you will be thinking, and that my friends, is your goal.  Thinking actively.  Questioning your thoughts around your established patterns up until now.  Creating your life on purpose from this point forward. You got this!



Chantel Johnston