Thoughts and Feelings, but Mostly, Thoughts.

Thoughts and feelings, but mostly thoughts.





Did you know that our thoughts create our feelings? 

No, it's true- our thoughts are at the root of it all. How we feel about any given situation stems from the way we think about that specific circumstance. 

Situations that make you feel excited, joy, anger, frustration, and love, all of it really, they all start with your thoughts about it.

Which means you are in total control of your feelings.  Yes, you.  You have the power to feel whatever you want to feel. 

How you say?  Because you are in control of your thoughts and all of our feelings begin with our thoughts.  So simple, right?

Well no. 

Not right away, but with practice, maybe yes- depends?  Cryptic answer, I know.


Let's look into this a little deeper.


This whole concept seriously turned my world upside down.  I learned this from my coach, Brooke, and when I first heard that I was in control of my feelings and that all of my feelings stemmed from my thoughts, I was like what??  Mind Blown!

I mean, it makes total sense that we can control our feelings, but not control in the way you think, control.  Not like managing your reactions by being controlling.  But actually managing your emotions by managing your thoughts.  Yeah, cool A.F. Seriously!


As the previous version of Liz, I always thought that I just felt.  Like I was put into a situation and I just felt a certain way because that’s what you do when you have an experience. 

I never paid attention to the times that I would have matching experiences but have different feelings- I guess I just never paid attention to those things in general.

It wasn’t until one day that I was looking for information on showing up as a coach, that I realized if I want to be the best version of me- now and always, it all started with my thoughts.


So what are thoughts anyway? 

They are sentences that happen in your mind, usually over and over.

Strangely enough, if given the chance, our thoughts will go on autopilot and use our past experiences to derive a plan for out you should think about current situations.  Which means, we use our past to dictate how we should think about current situations. 

Which further means, we live in the past with our thoughts.

Which even further means, it’s hard to move forward when you’re stuck in the past.  You can see how this can become quite the labyrinth if you let it. Lol. 


So, how does this play out?

A situation will happen and we think a thought about it.  Sometimes we are aware but most of the time we are not.  Our thinking is instantaneous. The situation happens, you have a thought, that thought then makes you feel (something) and then you react according to your feelings.

This is our pattern. 

Our autopilot. 

Our unchecked emotional balance or lack thereof.

It is not until you decide to become a watcher of your own self and your way of thinking that you will truly understand the thoughts that you have in a given day.

You are creating your experience.


Okay Liz, I hear what you’re saying, but how does this work? How do we become aware of our thoughts?


We pay attention and we write them down.  Yes, write them down.  Don’t skip this part.  Don’t just think about paying attention.  That’s passive and not as constructive as you think.


Let it all out.

Stream of consciousness write all of that shit out!

Let out your ugly, your beautiful, your crazy, your amazing.  All of it!

And then break it down from there. 

It is at this time that we not only watch, but we then learn to create. 

From the depths of our bottom brain, all the way up.

How do we do that? That’s a whole other post. ;)


Until that time, just do yourself a favor and become your own watcher.  Write out all the facts, thoughts, and feelings about your life’s situations.  You may be surprised what comes up.

Pay attention to your instant reactions to situations.  How do you feel about certain situations?  Could you change your feelings if you wanted to?

Do an honest assessment and listen for your answer. From deep inside.

We are amazing creatures that have awesome capabilities.  We just need to be shown how to work our awesome.


Learn to think on purpose.  It will blow your mind, too! Just like it did, mine.


Xo Liz




Chantel Johnston