So Who Needs A Life Coach Anyway?

As Tony Robbins says, “Say I.”

As Tony Robbins says, “Say I.”

Well, as I write out my posts and talk to more people, I realize there are a lot of thoughts out there about coaching in general and who actually hires coaches.  As I am a coach myself, clearly, I thought, why not, let's clear up some of these questions.

What exactly is a life coach? Who needs a life coach? How do I hire a life coach? What is the investment?

Below, I’ll address these questions in detail, so dig in.


1) Let's start with the basics- what exactly is a life coach?


The quick definition: a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.  Okay, easy enough. 

When it comes to the goals of the client, I think of myself as a coach as goal catalyst- I precipitate an event with my clients and that event is change; whatever change they desire.

We work together to devise their specific goal is and then we map a way to get there. I help my clients get to a place where they realize their own power. The power of thinking on purpose.

I share the tools and they do the work. Its a commitment to self and it is not easy.

As a coach, my job is also to increase the awareness of my clients by helping them to look at their thoughts. 

Why their thoughts? 

Because thoughts are powerful and they are the root at all of our dreams. 

Our actions. 

Our results. 

I work with my clients to get ahold of their thoughts early on so that they may adopt new patterns because again, our thoughts are at the heart of it all.


2) Who hires a life coach?


Anyone that wants results or is looking to manage their life.  So, anyone.

Their goals could be:

  • To pick a new career

  • To be more successful

  • To become an entrepreneur

  • To make more money

  • To find a new love

  • To feel significant again

  • To stop feeling overwhelmed

  • To learn how to balance it all

  • To start a healthy journey

  • To address binge behavior

  • To lose weight

  • To incorporate a plant-based diet

  • To learn to love exercise

And so on

If you want to learn how to make better decisions in your life, manage your mind, and learn to take action – you hire a coach.


3) How does one go about hiring a life coach?


Well, you can look for someone that specializes in the area that you’d like to change- yeah, we do that; we specialize.  Or you can hire a coach that has been recommended to you through referral.  This is my favorite method of course. :)

But honestly, a great coach may have an expertise in one area but will know how to show you on the path to making the change that you want to whether they specialize in your goal area or not.  So if you click with that coach on a personal level, chances are they will get you to the best version of you if you are willing to do the work. 

Coaches have skills.

Many of my clients have come to me for one reason and then once that goal has been reached, they decide they want to work on another area of their life. We've had success and they want to experience that success elsewhere. 

Humans are complex creatures. Our goals are often multifold not just as linear as we may believe initially.

So find a coach that can work with and celebrate our complexities and show you the way to be the best version of you through all the ups and downs.

Many coaches learn a variety of techniques that can help you do just that;  celebrate our human complexities.  How?  by showing you how you think and how you show up to your human experience.  We do this by shining a light on your thoughts and showing you the way think on purpose.  Because your thoughts are the base for every action and result you will get in your life.

However, with that said, you really do want to look for a coach that is right for you.  Be it, a recommendation from a friend or colleague (again, best choice in my opinion), or their niche expertise, go with what feels right for you.  You can check their testimonials to see what their previous clients have said, or look into their coaching method, even look into the information they provide on social media, but the best way to get to know if you like their style or if they can offer you results up front, is to probably sign up for time to get to talk to them.  A consultation.

You will know by the way they make you feel. Sometimes you'll click right away and sometimes they may scare you with what they will expect from you, but it's still a good fit.  If you think you are in good hands and you can see that you will get the work done, then your bound to have success with this coach.

Just make sure that they are able to offer you a way to get results- even from the beginning. 

It may be just a re-frame of thoughts about a certain subject or an absolute mind blown thought change that occurs, but you’ll know if they are ready for whatever it is that you are looking to improve in your life.  Trust your gut.

 Coaching is not cheap so that is something that you want to know ahead of time.  Coach’s rates will vary, significantly.  Some coaches offer packages (which are a general a deal on their hourly) and others offer a day rate- depending on your needs- but both will get you to where you want to go.

So do your research and understand that this is an investment in your future, a financial investment and an investment of your time. You will be required to do work to change your life. 

It’s just the way it is. 

Just know, that when you want change and you are ready to reach your goals, this investment will pay for itself in no time.

So go with what feels right and get yourself a coach. 

If you want your life to change, change is there before you.

Take action. Make a decision for your future self.

 There you go, the ins and outs of who might need a life coach and how to hire one.

Now it's your turn. 

Do you have something you want to change?

A goal you’d like help in achieving?

Assistance in the ways of managing your thoughts?

Sure you do.

Hire a coach.

I think you might know one now. :) 

Let's connect, click here, and fill out the questionnaire to get a quick mini session scheduled. 

Liz Forman