10 Ways to Not Feel Stuck . . . Part III

Just close your eyes and breath.

Just close your eyes and breath.

3.  Meditation

There are so many benefits to meditation that if you’re not doing it, you just don’t know what you’re missing.  Please don’t say you don’t have the time. 

You have the time for sure. 

Take 5 minutes away from your surfing the interwebs and take the time for you.

Meditation: reduces stress, increases happiness and wellbeing, improves concentration, helps bring in more self awareness, slows down the aging process, improves your ability to handle situations, increases focus, helps with anxiety and enhances self esteem.  I could fill up the page with the benefits here, so just know, this is a game changer.

There are many meditation apps out there (guided meditation) to help you along the way so pick one and start breathing. I even have a few meditations that I have provided as part of my programs for my clients and for those that have purchased my book, so you can always sign up for my newsletter and get the up to date news on meditations as I release them.

If you want to learn a practice, I’m a big fan of Transcendental Meditation.  Its an amazing way to learn and has a life long instructional opportunity.  They are big on building community around peace.  And that is a pretty nice message I think.

Not up for the 20 min a day twice a day yet? No problem. Try Insight timer or the calm app and start where you feel comfortable.

But get it out of your head that you don’t know how to be zen and just not think about anything. Nobody does that. We are not really designed to do that.

Anyone can meditate exactly where you are, now. That’s how you start.  

Liz Forman