10 Ways to Not Feel Stuck . . . Part II

It doesn’t have to be all fancy.

It doesn’t have to be all fancy.

2.  Fresh Foods

Just like water, fresh foods are hydrating. If you’re like me and you sustain on an all veg diet, you may derive your diet from mostly fresh food. If not, well I say it is worth a try.

If you have ever tried to eat a day full of fresh veggies and fruits, you will see it is hard to feel stuck.

The foods are so ridiculously delicious and good for you but also, they are full of what your body needs. And eating in a way that is so close with nature provides your body with so much energy as well as clears up a lot of the guck that a processed diet can leave behind.

Totally filled with water, vitamins, nutrients, suited for your body’s digestion and easily assimilated (if your gut biome is tip top), fresh foods are amazing for your health.

Fresh foods are whole and single nutrient, typically minimally processed, good for you and if you’re lucky, in abundance depending on where you live. I get that everyone is not as lucky based on geographic location and availability- so this is a generalization. However if you do have a supermarket nearby, typically, they will have fresh foods.

They are good for your body- as in your heart, usually better for the environment (especially if you’re growing your own), they cost less than concentrated and made to order food, they fill you up with minimal calories, and wait, there’s more.

They can lower inflammation, provide the fiber that most people not following a healthy plant based diet are missing, help your body’s systems function properly, clear up your skin, provide more energy, help maintain a healthy body weight, treat constipation and so on.

How much you ask?

While the average American gets 15 grams of fiber, it is recommended to eat upwards of 30 grams a day.

Someone’s got some work to do…… Just sayin’ ! ;)

Liz Forman