About Liz

Holistic Life & Relationship Coach, Author, Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT), and Energy Worker

I empower people in their 40s to:

~ Tap into their innate knowing (intuition) and creativity using my unique combination of acquired skills.

~ Have amazing relationships.

~ Get crystal clear on what it is that you want so that you may be the very best version of you and live your best life.



What to expect when working with me...

You will learn to plan and vision the best you that you'd like to be and take real, lasting action in your life.

You learn to feel and experience life so that you can clearly move to or see your next steps.

To take action and get the results you want.

You will see your path clearer than ever before. 
You will leap into the world and feel confident in doing so. 
The feelings of stuck, inaction, confusion, and overwhelm will be a thing of the past.
You will know how to get started.

You will be aware of your worth and you will be willing to share that worth with others.

Let’s do this.
I’m in!  
Are you?


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However, the early years were rough.

Like so many of us, struggled with limiting beliefs and lack of self-compassion and trust for much of my life. 

I used these beliefs to cover up pain and shame that I had carried on from times past; my turbulent childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. All of which landed me into life with anxiety. 

These beliefs got in the way of my growth and kept me anchored to my past.  
I felt stuck in feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction with everything around me. 
And as it was left unchecked for quite some time, my thoughts captured me in cycles of negative patterns that left me with an inability to see with any objective clarity. 
I just couldn't see my way out.



Some back story info…

My educational background is in Biology and Chemistry with some health education thrown in because that has always been my jam.

I am a lifelong learner. I love science and the detective work that is involved. I collected data and managed it for cancer research. I performed experiments and ran calculations in the world of stem cells, but my calling to work with others on a different level was too loud to ignore. I made the shift and moved towards the administrative side of science believing that would tame the calling to serve others in the way that I believed. Sadly, it did not. (this is where a coach would have helped by the way) I wanted to work one on one with people. It has always been what I wanted to do. It is the reason I studied science in the first place. I wanted to teach. I wanted to share. I wanted to inspire.

One day I made the decision that I needed to act from a place that spoke to me and who I was. I needed to dive deep, ask questions, and listen for answers. Basically, I needed to consult my intuition. So, I did just that.
I loved being physical. I grew up in sports- the more, the better. I learned early in life that if I could use my energy and physicality, I could get things done. I carried that love into adulthood.  

I decided that I was going to go into business as a trainer or coach and coach people in health, food, and fitness.
Now working with a coach of my own, I made the steps I needed to to make the change, and I did it. The desire I had to work with others and be of service and working with my coach helped light the way.



Further moving my puzzle pieces into place, I incorporated transcendental meditation into my practice that brought me in many ways to the place of growth and understanding, the mind and mental concept as the underline and primary influencer to everything else. This concept, was the beginning of my eye-opening mind shift that occurred and there was much more to come, but these experiences to this point absolutely catalyzed growth.

With this new bit of knowledge, I then realized that I needed to keep growing.  To keep moving forward.  
I stumbled upon some thought leaders and futurists that I had visited in the past, although now was entirely ready to hear their messages.   

I started listening to Rich Roll (and the myriad guests he has on his podcast) Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Michael Bernard Beckwith, just to name a few. Every day I studied and read, listened to, and studied more. I went on to read some of their influencers as well and realized, they all have a message to share and it is up to us to receive that message and implement the doing and interpret as we see fit. The creation of the "me" that I want to be is within my reach, and as I am the one that ultimately does the work, it is entirely within my control. I can do this. 
So, I signed up for strategic intervention life coaching through the Robbins Madanes coaching program which eventually led me to do Strategic Intervention Coaching solely for my life coaching certification and create my life coaching business from there.

I took the years of experience I had from coaching individuals in their lives to make physical and health changes and started coaching individuals to make change in the arena of thought.

Through all of my work in coaching- the one thing I know to be true- our thoughts are primary.  Our thoughts surrounding all we experience are what drive our feelings, actions and results.  

Learn to work your thoughts first, and the rest will follow.

So with coaching, a lot of thought work, meditation, and trust in the process, I looked inside and addressed what needed to be changed to get me where I am now. I have learned to shift my focus to high vibe living and bring balanced, focused, and positive energy, into every aspect of my life and have these attributes be my driver. It is from this place that I am in service to others.


I have learned to gently address my thoughts and feelings and how to trust my intuitive nature.  
The way to listen to the needs of my body, calm my mind, eat intuitively, and learn how to have a positive, respectful impact.  
With this awakening, I've been able to establish a meaningful career, build amazing relationships with loved ones and most importantly, myself. 

As I opened my eyes and learned to trust my talents with compassion, I gained wisdom and chose to return to my desired path: to live in service to others and to share what I have learned...  and to raise the vibration in all areas of life.

You.  Me.  We can do this together.


I have Studied the following modalities:

Life & Advanced Relationship Coaching- Strategic Intervention

Plant Based Nutrition

Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 1&2

Essential Energy Healing with

Cyndi Dale

Quantum Touch Level 1&2

Energy and Chakra Balancing

Intuition Work and Oracle Cards

Raw and Living Foods

Culinary Rx (Plantrician Project)

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Chemistry & Health Education

and so much more



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