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Annie says…

"I've been working with Liz for almost a year now and our time together has been transformative. Not only has she helped me lose weight, slim down, manage my emotional eating habits, but also she introduced me to meditation which has truly changed my life. Liz provides a safe space for me to discuss my self-esteem, fears, and goals without judgment. She's become my accountability partner who supports me in all aspects of life and encourages me to live my best life possible.

Jasper says…

"Liz is truly a joy to work with. Her supportive, intuitive coaching style is a great balance to the carefully tailored program. Her sense of humor made dealing with my own inner demons less ominous. Her patience is boundless - and trust me, I tested it! Without her support, there's no way I would've ever even considered making the changes I've incorporated into my life. She's a valuable asset and I'm grateful to have worked with her."

James says…

"Liz Forman is one of a handful of people in this world that I trust explicitly with my physical and mental well-being. Liz has been coaching me off and on for approximately 7 years. The majority of our programming had been focused on physical training, but more recently we began incorporating mental exercises into our program to help with some additional stressors that were in my life. I began slowly incorporating meditation into my daily routine, and with her help, I've been able to increase the length of my meditation sessions, which has greatly improved my mental clarity and tranquility. Whenever Liz is working with me, whether our focus is on my body or mind, I'm always reminded of how much I enjoy her humor, level of expertise, friendship and her positive energy."

Elana says…

“Liz is an excellent teacher, guide and coach.  She helped my son achieve his athletic goals by developing a weight program, nutrition plan and daily coaching sessions.  She held him accountable and supported him through his process.  She had the ability to motivate and encourage a teen athlete.  She is amazing!  I recommend her highly to support you in achieving your goals.  She has great knowledge about the science of the mind and body.  If you want real change, call Liz, she’ll help you achieve your goals.” 

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